Mitch Barrett

Mitch grew up in the foothills of the Appalachians in Madison County, KY. He spent much of his childhood divided between his grandfathers' houses, one a fox hunter and tobacco farmer who plowed with mules and the other a musician and farmer, of sorts (he grew corn with which he made moonshine). In the course of learning his grandfathers' trades, there was much time for stories, jokes, and especially music. Mitch demonstrated musical talent from an early age, and performed with his mother in a regionally sought-after mountain duo. 

At age 17, he set out for the east coast as part of the folk duo Mandala, with whom he played for over 10 years. After moving back to Kentucky , he began to hone his storytelling skills, drawing on the life stories and experiences rare among his generation and those following. Since then, he has toured all over the US, performed countless assemblies and residencies for the school children of Kentucky, and won Chris Austin Songwriting Contest, the Kerrville New Folk Award, and the Telluride Troubador Award. 

Mitch's gift for spinning a tale is present in his music, where he is apt to break into an improvised story in the middle of one of his songs. His award-winning songs, coupled with his unique rhythmic guitar style and smooth voice make him a true mountain troubador.